Pics with your Etoupe or Gold?

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  1. Hello,
    Would love to see pics of you with your etoupe and or gold bags!
  2. Hi ltucci, I hope you are not doubting your Holy Grail bag colour of choice. Gold is beautiful!!

    I found one "in action" of Gold (a Kelly) on page 1003, post # 15044 in here --

    I can't find Etoupe "in action" yet, but when I do, I'll post it. Maybe others will chime in as well.
  3. Thanks!
    I am actually going to visit the boutique tommorrow to try on an etoupe. Just want to make sure!
  4. ^^ Let us know how it turns out. Good luck!! If you switch then your SA might convince you to buy an Etoupe accessory ... you know, so you can whip it out and look at it and all. Not such a bad idea, eh?
  5. Hmmmm not a bad idea at all...
    I am going to pick up a small bookmark for my mini gold agenda in a green ..btw!
  6. ^^ Someone's building a rainbow!!
  7. Don't know how to link to individual posts so bear with me... I did find a few pics of etoupe in action, and here's how I did it: went to "Your Hermes in action" thread, selected "search this thread," searched for "etoupe." Try post # 13588 on p. 906 of the thread to see S'Mom's etoupe Web II, or post #14335 on p. 956 for Fesdu's etoupe Birkin. I'm sure there are more, too.
  8. Thanks elle tee!
    I'll check it out. Just back from Hermes and switched my order to an etoupe 35 Birking in Togo!!!!
    I bought a Ulysses notebook in Etoupe Togo and picked up my little green book mark!
    I have a bracelete on hold now....I am obsessed!
  9. ^^ omigosh!!!! I "knew it!" You're building a rainbow and congrats on your new colour. :drinkup:

    (Change your siggy to indicate your new colour/leather!!)
  10. Thanks soo much!
    What are you longing for?
  11. As far as Birkins go - I want a Black with PH first, then Etoupe with PH, then Gold with GH. :girlsigh: That's going to take forever now that I'm buying in store only. But, hey, at least I will know for sure what I'm getting is authentic!