Pics with my new large Paddy Capsule Satchel, opinions appreciated!

  1. Ta Da!! I love my new paddy large capsule satchel with only the slightest hesitation because of her weight...she is seriously heavy. But, she smells divine and is buttery soft! I can wear her over my shoulder if I have a tank or a tee on, but there is no way to do it over the shoulder with a sweatshirt or sweater on (I have super thin arms). So what do my felow tPFers think??? Does she look too big on me????? I am 5-7 and 118 lbs.
    DSC00470.jpg DSC00471.jpg
  2. I love the bag on you! Don't think it's to big at all. The only thing is you said it's super heavy. I'd try filling it up with your stuff and see how it works on your arm. If it's too heavy then maybe try a smaller one? Not sure where you are located but will you be able to wear tanks for long?
  3. I am in California, but it is getting cool tank top days are numbered. I wish this exact bag was made, just a little shorter from bottom to top, it seems long to me after carrying my LV BH for the last couple of months. I really have missed that Paddy leather and smell though! Anyone know if the regular smaller satchel comes in "Brun"??
  4. CUTE!!!! Don't second guess this one!
  5. that looks fab on you, a beautiul bag, keep it!
  6. I think it looks great over the shoulder. But, it looks a little too "north-south" over your arm. Besides, if it is super heavy, how much does it weight with your stuff in it? There was an article on this issue of Marie Claire re: bag with your stuff not over 10% of body weight, otherwise one may risk spinal cord damage... I would not consider it personally if it is really heavy.
  7. It is a beautiful bag and looks fantastic on you- especially on the shoulder. Approx how much does it weight?
  8. I LOVE it on you! On your arm or shoulder - heavenly! Mine is actually even larger - same heighth but wider east-west. I should have the pics this weekend. I have to say that I was impressed with the weight as being significantly lighter than the older Paddies and Bays I own - especially for such a large bag. Now granted I haven't 'birthed' it yet from my closet and actually put anything into it yet so it may be heavier than I imagine after I do. But who cares? I am a six foot Amazon and can handle it. You're not so short either. What would you get instead? The medium satchel???
  9. Its doesn't look big at all but does look a little long, specially when carried on the crook of your arms. The picture only shows half your body though and you are 5,7. So maybe in a full length picture it might look better!
  10. I love this bag, but...
    I had a similar Chloe Tall Satchel Paddy from last year and had to return it because it was soooo heavy/cumbersome to carry. Sniff I do miss it though...
  11. Ah it would overwhelm me it would... why am I so short?

    It's beautiful though! I think it looks better on the shoulder as opposed to being carried in the elbow (sorry that must sound weird doesn't it? I'm still learning english).
  12. Yes, but I think the medium does not come in Brun....unless someone has heard differently. The only brown I have seen the medium in is the elephant color.
  13. Seems to me I saw a dark brown one somewhere? Did Sacoche have one? I'll bet official Chloe boutiques could steer you in the right direction!
  14. I think it looks get over your shoulder but it could get a bit heavy on the crook of your arm.
  15. Well I have a black Chloe Shopper (N/S bag); it's about 2/3rds the size of your capsule. My height and weight are identical to yours. I feel that your bag is too big on you but that's my personal opinion. The shopper I own is about as big of a purse I would like for myself. My bag is heavy as well, thus I put only my wallet, checkbook and tiny leather holder for ansillary items (tweezers, gum etc). With that my purse's weight is do-able?

    I hope this helps you? Your gut feel was to go with the medium capsule, the brown right? If that doesn't exist Neiman Marcus did have a dark brown shopper, like mine available (I do believe)???

    Good luck?:idea: