pics with a ciao ciao

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  1. can anyone show some pics of themselves wearing a ciao ciao? im thinking about getting one, but they seem really floppy and flat. do you like the bag?
  2. They ARE floppy and flat!
  3. i have is flat and floppy...but i used it for school and just had a my textbook and notebook and worked fine. so i guess it depends on what you want to use it for. i must say you can fit a lot in it, if you don't mind it being a little stuffed.
  4. I love my amore ciao ciao,yes it is floppy and flat, i love having a hands free bag,and it can fit a TON of stuff,if you dont need it to tote around alot of things i say get a ciao..:yes:
  5. Yes, very floppy and flat. Good for notebooks and a few textbooks, but don't look so good when they are stuffed with bulkier items.:nogood: They're nice for getting the full or close to the full print on a single bag.
  6. Heres a picture of me and my Citta Ciao Ciao (when it's empty). It is floppy, but I usually just put like a couple notebooks in it. My Macbook might fit, but I haven't tried. I only bought it because it was like, half off, but I do sort of like it! Let me know if you need pictures of it with stuff in it or anything like that. For reference, I'm 5'6.
  7. I love my ciao ciao -- it looks stupid with too much crap in it, but you can fit a fair amount of stuff in there before it gets goofy looking. Plus I think it's a bag that looks excellent when it's emptier (versus my BV that bugs me when there isn't enough inside).
  8. I don't have a picture with me wearing it (I decided I didn't need the flash for some dumb reason so you can't see anything), but here's the picture of the stuff I can fit inside before it starts getting lumpy.

    Full angioletto, denaro, big sunglasses case, book, 710 mL Sprite.

    Usually I have it stuffed to lumpiness in the mornings when I bring my lunch to work, and then it's emptier afterwards when I've eaten it. :smile:
  9. Ooooo...Frogbubbles, that's a lovely Foresta. Where did you buy it?
  10. The ciao ciao can fit a ton of stuff! I don't usually stuff it very much, but it can be handy if I want to put my cardigan in it. I usually don't close the main zipper if I don't have too much stuff. Don't want to ruin the colours on the zipper (silly me), and it's sort of "closed" by the fold-over flap.
  11. It was my first bag -- saw it the foresta in the window of taschen and shrieked. Had to get it. :biggrin:

    So I paid a lot for it, but I don't really mind! :heart:
  12. I never use the zippers on the ciao ciao, unless I really feel the need to be careful of my wallet....very very rare.

    Almost never use the zipper on my BV either. But the one zipper I use all the time (on my denaro) is just fine. I was actually wasn't even sure if the colours were just painted on the metal, since it never seems to come off...
  13. Very lovely foresta FrogBubbles!! :yes: Is your soda bottle cold when you put it in your bag? I try not to put any drinks in any of my toki bags.. condensation and in case it spills :push:
  14. Thanks guys!

    Yeah, it's cold. I don't worry too much about that sort of thing, I definitely don't entirely baby my bags....I haven't really had any trouble with any of them.
  15. It's good that you got to know Tokis earlier. I only officially fall in love with them since Amore. I missed out on foresta!