PICS - White Diamond Stitch Tote

  1. [​IMG]


    Here's the faint pen mark. I think I can make this disappear with a little leather conditioner and elbow grease.

  2. WOW! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!
    How did ya get pen on it??OMG..I would die!
  3. I didn't Jill. It came that way from Chanel Nordstrom.:hysteric:
  4. I hope you got a discount...
  5. I was discussing the pen mark in this thread earlier:

    Nope, they are not authorized to offer a discount. All they were willing to do was send it to Chanel to have the repair department clean off the pen mark.

    I really think I LOVE this bag though.:love:
  6. Honestly..its GORGEOUS..BUT I would never ever keep a damaged bag FULL price..never.....
    I would call around everywhere and try to find a fresh one..Thats too much MULA to blow on a defective would think they would only sell perfect merchandise for THAT price point..YA KNOW???

    I just saw a pic of the brown one in a NM catalogue today..YUMMY..LOL..LOVE THIS STYLE!
    Good luck..let us know how you make out!
  7. I've already tried Chanel free-standing boutiques and no luck.

    Neiman's also told me no. I haven't tried Saks yet. I'll call them tomorrow.
  8. I have a super SA that can find any Chanel...if you want her info ..LMK...she is at Saks in PA..GOOD LUCK...crossing my fingers for you!!!!
  9. Jill, that would be awesome. Could you PM me the info? I'll call her tomorrow.

  10. My gosh it is wonderful and looks great on you! How large is this bag?
  11. I pmed ya the info!!GOOD LUCK!
  12. Gorgeous!! It looks great on you, Smoothoprter!! :yahoo:
  13. GORGEOUS!!! But I'm with Jill, if there's no discount, I would never accept a bag with any marks on it. I hope you can find a different one through Saks.
  14. It's gorgeous, hope you manage to find one without a pen mark tomorrow.
  15. Smooth ~ The Bag Looks Fabulous On! Such A Beauty (You & The Bag!)!!!

    If Anyone Has "The SA Of All SA's" ~ It's Jill!!!!! :smile: ......This Will Work Out For You!!!