PICS: what a 4.5-5mm implant looks like

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  1. #1 Apr 10, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 10, 2014
    A lot of people have asked me what a 4.5-5mm silicone implant looks like. I was hesitant to post my pics on here, but I've decided to do this because I do think it is important that people know what to expect and don't have unrealistic expectations (I have severely cropped the pics for privacy reasons). If you already have a high bridge, then yes, maybe a 4.5-5 mm silicone can give you a ton of height. If you're coming from a totally flat bridge, this is probably the best you're gonna get. My bridge WAS very high the first few months (probably from the swelling), and I was so thrilled, but sadly, this is all that's left after six months:

    I had a silicone implant through closed rhinoplasty and tip extension (with ear cartilage and Alloderm). No osteotomy or bone work (too invasive for my taste).
  2. from what u have mentioned in other posts i always thought it wasn't noticable the height increase. You actually have a very nice nose and that is a good amount of height. it also gives u enough of a lift that it can create nice shadows at the side :smile:
  3. Thanks -- I mean, I think it's decent and I am pretty satisfied, but I was sort of hoping for a major difference like this poster who did rib at VIP:

    I don't know if that kind of result can be done via a silicone implant. Still, no regrets -- I had no $$ for rib anyway, I would NOT want to go under general anesthesia, and I know I'd scar horribly under the open rhinoplasty method.

    I think a lot of people who PMed me were looking for a very, very tall height (one cited angelababy, other cited K-pop stars). So, I just wanted to post this to give them a more realistic idea of what an implant of 4.5-5mm would look like after the swelling goes down.
  4. ladybugz thanks for sharing :smile: i agree i think your nose looks great :smile: no reason to be unhappy!
  5. ladybuz, your nose looks fantastic. I think it's the right height for you because otherwise it'll look fake, (like when you look at the front and the nose bridge is too shiny it just give that plastic surgery feel) but yours turned our natural. Thanks for sharing, I think because my nose bridge is flat but I seek for natural/subtle results, I would try asking for 4.5 - 5mm also. Do you think we can request the surgeon to increase/decrease this height based on our preference or the silicon implant come pre-manufactured and you cant change the shape/height of it?
  6. it comes in different sizes. But you can't get some custom made with say specifications of 4.3212mm cos thats just being ridiculous. i believe 6mm is the highest one they have and then u can get sizes .5 less onwards
  7. Hi girls in this thread above :smile:

    Wanna see what you think about this:

    One of the problems with a high implant is the fact that skin gets stretched too much in the bridge area which can contribute to protruding/infection over the time... but for an older person (say in her late 40s), facial skin becomes looser naturally which in turn can help with protruding problem? what do you girls think?

    When I pull up my skin in the bridge area, I do feel that I have quite a bit extra skin there to accommodate a implant. Of course, that's if my body doesn't rejects an implant.
  8. Another observation about high implants on a friend who had it done is that the skin on the nose looks different from the rest of her face. It looks tighter and shinier even with makeup. So she looks better (she also got her eyes done) but because of the tight skin look on her nose area, ends up looking like she might have had work done.
  9. That's a good point paxsky. Now one more thing to consider when choosing the implant height :smile:

    I imagine the problem won't be so obvious for younger people because their facial skin is tight to begin with so the stretch on the nose bridge won't be that obvious..
  10. Can I ask, from your previous rhino experience, is an L shape implant better or I shape implant better? My desire nose shape is like the S shape similar to Korean celebs (more natural looking) than straight and high nose like caucasians, which makes me inclined to L shape. However, some people complaint that L shape implant makes the tip too pointy, but I wonder how natural/curvy I shape implant can be. Or can we even choose the type of implant during consultation? Any input is appreciated!
  11. oh god do not even think of getting the L shape implant. Extremely high rate of infection and complications from it. Any good clinic you go to would no longer use the L shape implant for this reason.
  12. Agreed. L-shaped implants extrude nearly 100% of the time (ok, I'm exaggerating, but it's some absurdly high number).
  13. Thank you K Couture and Ladybugz. Yes I tried to do more background research and you have rightly pointed out the horror I found about Lshape... I now understand when a friend of mine said once her aunt accidentally "sneezed out" the implant (at that time I thought he made a joke), she must have L shape implant a long time ago.