*Pics* Went a little camera crazy :)

  1. Needed to make some pics for homeowners insurance purposes today and I got a little crazy with the camera. Just thought I would share some of my Chanel goodies with you girls.....
    DS Tote (1).jpg Diamond Stitch Tote (3).jpg Baby Animals Flap (2).jpg Baby Animals Flap Chain Charms.jpg Black Classic Patent Clutch.jpg
  2. more.....
    Black Jumbo Classic Flap.jpg Cambon Large Tote.jpg Reporter GST Jumbo Classic Flap.jpg Silver Luxury Ligne Bowler.jpg Khaki Cabas Beige Medium Classic Flap.jpg
  3. Wow, so many pretty bags! I love them all! Is the first pic of the diamond stitch tote, the small tote or the large one?
  4. Great collection Penny. Thanks for sharing. I always wondered if a purse collection could be insured. What category do purses fall under?
  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you went camera crazy!!

    Okay, first the white DS tote is TDF. Is that caviar or the distressed caviar like the outdoor ligne?

    And I have to add that I am green with envy over your fabulous closet!
  6. more....
    Denim Multi Color Tote.jpg Denim Multi Color Tote (2).jpg Chanel Thongs (1).jpg Logo Thongs.jpg White Quilted Cork Wedge Slides.jpg
  7. Don't go away girls theres more...
    Fabric Medallion Slides.jpg Sunnies.jpg Logo White Slides.jpg Glasses 1.jpg Glasses 2.jpg
  8. warned you I went crazy..........
    J12 Diamond Bezel-Diamond Band.jpg Chanel Cosmetic Bag - Fragrance Box.jpg Chanel Cosmetic Case.jpg Chanel Fragrances.jpg Inside Cosmetic Case.jpg
  9. Love ALL your Chanel stuff!!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  10. and the last one...
    Bracelet Trio.jpg
  11. WOW! That's a lot of Chanel! Lucky you!
  12. Thanks-- it is the small tote
  13. Thanks South--
    I don't think you can insure the collection. We have a jewelry policy with another company but we have a rider on our homeowners insurance for furs and jewelry so I am making sure we have enough coverage and I want pics to prove I have it.
  14. Thanks Maxter! The closet needs all those handbags that I never used moved out, but haven't done that as you can see. I believe the DS Tote is lambskin.
  15. :heart: :heart: :heart:
    everything !