Pics! Weird Murakami Shirt!

  1. Hey! On my lunch hour ran and took pics of the weird shirt:nuts: It was still there, too bazarre... check it out!
    Post Weird Murakami Shirt 001.jpg Post Weird Murakami Shirt 002.jpg Post Weird Murakami Shirt 003.jpg
  2. Haha that's so strange..
    so ugly!
  3. was this shirt from the LV boutique? wow...that IS strange...
  4. Not cute.
  5. I have nothing to say, I let my smilie do the talking :wtf: :weird: :noggin:
  6. I doubt it!

    It looks like something from an Asian fabric/clothing/shoe/medicine/toy store. :roflmfao:
  7. Oh No! This is some weird shirt I saw a month or so ago in a little asian import place on Central Ave in Albuquerque, it's really really weird, been wanting to take a pic for the forum, so here it is... ouch:confused1:
  8. LOL! It's about time, I remember that thread & the shirt is everyting you said.
  9. Darn sparklyprincess, you must be psychic! heehee, good pick, ya gots it!
  10. ewww... Thanks for remembering to post a pic of the shirt! Wonder what kind of people would be caught dead wearing that?
  11. ^^It's a very scary thing! Rocking it with a fake Murakami pap would send me over the edge...
  12. I dont really like it.
  13. Guaranteed to ensure weird dreams tonight! Thanks, Veronika! hehehe.........
  14. Ha ha, I KNEW it! :p
  15. That's scary!