Pics wearing the Bay shoulder...

  1. I really love the lightweight glazed leather. It smells scrumptious, and is completely different from the paddy.
    baywear1.jpg baywear2.jpg
  2. Lovely! Thanks for the pics, it's great seeing it on someone!
  3. That is gorgeous. I hadn't paid much attention to the bay before, but seeing that on you has caught my eye! It's a lovely colour too. Enjoy your bag!

  4. That color bay is just gorgeous. It caught my eye at it's inception!
  5. At first I must say I wasn't in to the Bay's but thats super cute, looks even better with someone wearing it! CUTE!
  6. Goodness, there it is again, the lovely bay shoulder and someone wearing it :yahoo:

    Really really georgeous!!!! It's camel, right? Is it possible to change the lengh of the shoulder strap?

    Perfect! :love: :love: :love:

    That's definetly my next chloé...yes...definetly :wlae:
  7. One more question...where did you buy it? Online-store like net-a-porter or luisaviaroma or at Chloé store?
  8. Very nice! :yes:

    I love it that the strap is nice and long! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. Chloe-love the strap isn't supposed to be adjustable, but I did find a way:smile: Double the strap in the center, then wrap the strap-holder-snap-on-thingy around it to hold it in place, which shortened the strap considerably. It then looked awesome as a hobo. A little slouchy:smile:

    It came from Selfridges in London.

    I'm actually still on the fence about keeping it. As hard as I try, I'm not really a Chloe gal. I have a dozen Balenciaga cities/twiggys and I"m feeling guilty about this purchase. I feel like I'm cheating lol.
  10. It looks great on you! I really love the color.
  11. :roflmfao: I know your dillema. My first 2 designer bags are from chloé. When I bought my little cute Belaneciaga First I was feeling kind of being unfaithful with chloé :rolleyes:
    The next bags I bought where chanel....still feeling unfaithful...but now I'm coming back to the roots again and enjoy my "hunt" for new chloé bags.

    Keep it! Your Bals will forgive you, I swear ;)