Pics wearing aviator bags

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  1. as cool as the aviator bags look, I can't help but wonder how comfortable they are to use/carry. Those of you who have them (Rocksteady, Lejunkie, aaalabama (?), whoever else ) - would you be so kind to take a photo of yourself wearing them, when you have a spare moment?
    Much appreciated :heart:
  2. sorry i don't have a picture wearing it slinks :sad:...i'll be happy to try & take one before the weekend ;)...i wear my camel skin in the crook of my arm & it's super comfy & light...i tried the black pebbled too, but it was too big for me :P
  3. Here's ecstatic me on my 29th birthday (8/13/06) right after my sweet hubby surprised me with two aviator bags...the black pebbled planet and this camelskin helmet:

  4. Rocksteady & le_junkie ... you girls sure are cute. ;) I've always wondered the same thing about the comfort of carrying the aviators, since they won't really lay flat against your body like other bags would.
  5. I find the aviator helmet bags fit right into the curve on my side. The pebbled is more stiff and more slippery on the shoulder, but then just falls into the crook of my arm where it stays comfortably.
  6. Thanks, guys! :heart: :heart: :heart: Without you, I would never have known that there was an actual stylistic difference between the camel and the black pebbled!
    I was thinking about getting the black pebbled, and the concensus on this one seems to be that people wear it in the crook of the arm, NOT on the shoulder? (good to know, though it would be kinda a deal-breaker for me:confused1: )
    Rock, you look so happy! le_junkie, I love your style! Bama, I love pictures, so if you get around to it, would still love to see yours ;)
  7. ^ No problem, I don't know if you've read this post but it shows the helmet bag details really well ;o)

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga aviator collection