(Pics) Vernis Heart in Violette, Amarante and Pomme

  1. These pics are from eBay auctions! :graucho:







    I think Pomme looks the best among the three.
    However I like Miroir GOLD better. :tup:
  2. wow all of em are cute, i want all !!! thanks for the picts!
  3. LOVE Amarante:heart:, I almost got the new pochette cles in this color, had to back out because of the yucky fingerprints....
  4. ugh..dont do this to me :p
    i really hope they have the sneakers i want next week otherwise i might buy one of these...a bit pricy for a bag charm but stil SO CUTTTTE!
  5. So you saw the Amarante pochette cles in person? I was curious if they ever have it in Amarante 'coz I never saw pics posted on tPF... and today when I purchased my Violette cles I only saw Violette and Pomme available in the store.
  6. love the violette
  7. I want a heart......
  8. Those are really cute hearts! :heart:
  9. I know that the Amarante pochette cles is avaliable in the US - at least in Portland OR. I saw it there again last night.

    If anyone needs a direct store number they can PM me.
  10. I still love the Pomme the best, then Violette, then Amarante.

    The Miroir ones are TDF!
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Thanks for posting these pics, they are so cute! I really like the pomme the best out of the vernis colors.
  13. Those are TDF.
  14. Can't wait for my Pomme coeur!
  15. Cyndee got the pochette cles in Amarante, i believe. I think she posted it in one of the Clubhouse threads (the "Double C - Cles Club" or the "Pochette cles" or "LE club"..one of those). Rileygirl also got the amarante as well, i think.

    And yeah the Bev Center did have the pochette cles in amarante cuz I remember it was on display and the SA showing it to me. I guess by the time u went there someone must have bought it already...

    EDIT: oh I just saw Cyndee's post above, guess I should read all the posts in a thread before posting :p lol .