Pics Two: *Handbags* at Woodbury...

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  1. I am putting up a new thread for the handbags just in case the others who saw the Accessories photos didn't get to see the link posted later on Handbags and moved on.

    I added a link to the handbags photos 11 replies down and I doubted anyone would see it. Apologies if this seems redundant.

    You can find that at
    I originally didn't upload because I didn't think the response would be this great. Didn't get pricing on these though but you can always call and ask - (845) 928-4563
  2. *Sigh* Are there only BV outlets in the U.S.? What about us international BV fans? Soooo jealous!
  3. I don't know? Would they be able to ship internationally?
  4. Thanks, Bunkie. Very :drool:-worthy!
  5. That was a grea post. you saved me a trip.
    Just an fyi-- the outlet is usually about 30% off retail but there are usually not too many colors and older styles.
  6. This showing, unfortunately, trounces that of the BV outlet at Cabazon (at least as of 5 months ago).

    Looks good. Might be worth the effort to get the staples (if they have them) or an obscure color at a decent price.