**PICS**The new loves in my life

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  1. So I picked these up during lunch today and ran home to snap a few pics. Sorry about the horrible quality of the pics, I had to snap them in a hurry and rush back to work. This is the new soft and chain hobo bag in black and beige. The beige is more of a blush color, it's simply TDF. Enjoy!

    chanel 161.jpg
    chanel 164.jpg
    chanel 166.jpg
    chanel 172.jpg
    chanel 168.jpg
  2. They look gorgeous on ya! Congrats! =)
  3. wow, congrats! It's awesome!
  4. ooh i love those!! do you mind me asking how much you paid for them? thanks!
  5. i can't decide which i love more....both are simply beautiful! congrats and thanks for sharing!
  6. The blush color is so gorgeous! :drool:
  7. :drool: Simply gorgeous!
  8. i love the blush color!!! do u mind if i asked you how much is it?
  9. OMG!!! Ok.. I officially want to live in your bag closet. Pretty please??? I don't eat much and I'm very neat!!
  10. Oooh... very nice! :yes:
  11. Blush is lovely. :heart:
    Clk55girl, you have great taste & a beautiful Chanel collection. =)
  12. Drool. All over my keyboard. Thanks.

    Seriously they're stunning!!!
  13. LOVE THE BLUSH!..OMG,,where is mine.....SNIFF..LOL!
  14. ^ Jill you weren't kidding when you said this color is TDF. I could not believe how gorgeous it was when I saw it. It's well worth the wait for yours. My cabas bags will be on hiatus for awhile.
  15. Beautiful and they both look fantastic on you. I just saw them IRL at the SCP Chanel and they are scrumptious. Lucky girl!