Pics straight from the safe...

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  1. #1201 May 12, 2010
    Last edited: May 12, 2010
    Queen Mahra, are you married? Do you want to be, just kidding (I don't think my wife would approve) I love a woman in jewels.

    Truely amazing jewelery!

    All I want is a Cartier love bracelet. It seems so insignificant now!
  2. My birthday is Oct 24th. I would like a 14mm wide, 14k yellow gold, plain band/ring for my birthday. :P LOl! jk!

    What a stunning collection! What a lucky woman you are! I have dreams about having that kind of luck :P
  3. This needs a bump! I remember when I went through the whole thread in one go :smile:
  4. Lubird, I tried to today but at around page 27, the pics don't load anymore! Complete and total sadness :cry:
  5. I saw this thread come up and thought Queen Mahra was back! :blush: Darn.
  6. Aw, sorry guys! Yeah - I'm not sure what happened to the pictures?! So disappointing...
  7. In one word amazing! Are you by any chance royalty ;) A queen worthy!
  8. :faint: I just fainted! LOL BEAUTIFUL stuff! Can I visit your safe someday?! :lol:
  9. oh my goodness!
  10. If you guys only knew the pictures that are now unavailable... very swoon-worthy :P
  11. Are you Sheikha Mahra Bint Mohammed Al Maktoum...Not that you would admit it, please don't. But I just thought that would be interesting if it were.
  12. IF it is her, she might want all of her identifying information pulled. She probably liked the small amount of anonymity she had.
  13. Anyway. Love her first set ofphotos.
  14. Wowza. Insane collection. :drool:
  15. She said in one post that she is not a Sheikha or royalty..that her dad is in real estate and car sales
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