Pics straight from the safe...

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  1. All of your watches are simply breathtaking!
  2. Bump ! Happy new year.. I hope all is well with you ! :heart:
  3. Love this thread! Pls post more!!
  4. Bump! love all of your watches drool... @_@ i myself want a j12 very badly...
  5. Qm, i love this thread. you are as lovely as your gems- thanks for sharing. i love seeing the treasures and learning about your culture and life. thanks so much!!!
  6. Hi mahra!

    Your thread is amazing!! I felt like I was walking through a beautiful museum exhibit! We are around the same age! You sound like such a sweet girl... I'm going to keep checking back on this thread :smile:
  7. i wasn't able to go through all the pages because it's TOO long bas mashallah mashallah you and your family's collection is incredible!!

    a lot of people misunderstand Arab culture or don't know enough about it and I love the fact that through this thread you've also managed to teach a lot of people about both the Arab and Emarati culture :smile:

    again, mashallah X 10000, keep away the 3ein!!!!!
  8. :love:thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!

    you have just given me the most wonderful 4 hours as I have looked through this thread. I am so happy to have seen these wonderful pieces...I feel lightheaded!!!:faint:

    I have 1 regret: I will never again have the surpise & delight of seeing these pieces for the first time!!! they took my breath away!!! :wtf:

    I have 1 request: please, please, please, please, please, please, please post more pics!!! ANYTHING will do!!! :tumbleweed:

    I come from a large, loving, close family too. that is the most precious jewel of all (as I'm sure you agree!)

    BTW, your parents' 20th wedding anniversary should be coming soon, right? I am DYING to see what your dad will get your mom for that special occasion. PLEASE share with us if you can!!!

    thank you for giving us such an honest, intimate glimpse into your life & culture. I have learned so much. I have 1 question: why do only women attend weddings? is the groom bored with no other men to talk to during the party? but, honestly, who cares??? if it gives you a chance to see & be seen in these jewels, it's worth it!!!
  9. Cutie, everything is so beautiful and really shows that you and your family have such amazing taste. I especially loved the pieces that were most sentimental to your mother, those that were given by your father. It was so sweet! I recently got married so I do know how these things take effect and I do hope I can share what baubles I have with my daughters in the future...In the mean time, can I borrow some of yours?! :P
  10. Mahra, thank you for sharing all these beautiful jewels with us. I have never seen so many gorgeous watches in one place. I love that you truly love your culture, value your family, and you don't take your privledges for granted. You have a really great life, and I can tell you appreciate it.

    ... and I'm definitely booking a trip to Dubai!;)
  11. wow!! i'm glad this thread got bumped and i was fortunate enough to see it (and you sweet enough to share)...such incredible and breathtaking pieces. need to make a thread soley dedicated to that insanely cute & precious kitty as well :heart: lol!
  12. Please post an update! Even if it's of your day-to-day pieces or of stuff laying around the house. LOL that's how much we love this thread!
  13. ^^^I second that! please come back with new pics!!!
  14. woah! totally forgot about this thread! any more pics, mahra?====
  15. There is a seperate wedding for the men
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