Pics straight from the safe...

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  1. Love the new additions and new photos!!! I have come back to your thread many times for watch references!!

    Thank you for always taking the time to share your good fortune with us!! :smile:
  2. that drape jewelry is drop dead gorgeous!
  3. I love the 'cloth' earrings and necklace :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: COOL design!!
  4. QMahra, we miss you here! Please come back and show us some more!
  5. Hi,
    Im loving your jewellery colections:heart:-Do you have any jewellery from Van Cleef & Arpels?
    Thanks for sharing:woohoo:
  6. Thanks for sharing the pics with us!!! Everything is beautiful!!! A little OT but my sis's name is Mahra too.
  7. You are beautiful
  8. Gorgeous collection QMahra... I have never seen that many diamond watches in one place... I am stunned by your collection... Enjoy them in good health..
  9. Thanks for sharing! I have looked at all the pictures, and have to say that you have the most gorgeous collection I have ever seen. :nuts: I wish you and your family the best of luck in the future :smile:
  10. every piece is just beauttiful!!
  11. An amazing collection.
  12. Hi,

    This is a bit off subject on the jewellery thread,but I just want to say I love your fur baby is stunning:love:
  13. I looked through all the 78 pages and I must say that you have a gorgeous collection, while being a very nice person. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures.
  14. This is my first time seeing this thread and I must say I absolutely LOVE the collection you have!!
  15. Wow, you are the queen!