Pics straight from the safe...

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  1. LOL .. here you go sunshine :graucho:

    My bro got his first Rolex!

    Rose gold Day-date presidential.



    A pic of my bro wearing it ... My sis pushed her hand into the picture :P

  2. I found this pic in my mobile too!!

  3. I also tried this Rolex lately at the boutique .. what do you think?

  4. /\ /\ ooh I like that! :nuts:
    Although you couldn't be in a hurry to know the time!
  5. Yay! New pics...drool...drool...drool...:drool:
  6. #1146 Oct 11, 2008
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2008
    Mahra, I love the zebra Rolex! Get it! And let me borrow it! :drool:
  7. Thank you for sharing your jewellery collection with us.
    The ruby-sapphire-emerald set is very beautiful and very modern and chic!
  8. whew, just finished ALL 77 PAGES in ONE sitting! Lol. Beautiful pieces. You're dad has great tase, I want to be like him when I grow up Lol.
  9. I like the black and white striped Rolex :biggrin: Cool!!!
  10. I LOVE the necklace-earring-bracelet set, the earrings are really neat !

    And the stripey Rolex is very unique and stunning, it would be lovely !
  11. I love the zebra rolex but as someone else said, it looks a bit difficult to tell the time.
    Im so excited that you put up new pictures! thank you!
  12. Its probably easier in person ^_^
  13. I adore the zebra rolex. :heart: That would be a fun item to wear. Are you thinking of getting it?
  14. omg i can't believe i just finished all of that in ONE sitting! QM, you are a exceptional girl and I can see you doing great things in the future. You have wealth enough to make anyone green with envy, but most of all, you have the things in life that money can't buy: love, family and class. I have learnt so much from your thread. I used to look at Vogue and wonder with jealousy/disbelief at the ultra-luxe items in there. Now when I see these things again, I'll always think of you and remember that regardless of the fact that I can't afford them, I should be thankful for my own personal gems and remember that the greatest treasures are the things I can strive to obtain: class, humility, compassion, love. I'm new to TPF, but wow, I never expected it to be such an experience.

  15. these are so beautiful! i love the draping design:heart:

    congrats on ur lovely jewelry :nuts:

    and ur so lucky to live in dubai, all my family and friends in iran say its a beautiful place to vacation!