**PICS** Speedy Accessory (Gucci Scarf)

  1. The mailman brought me this today (it's been a really good day :smile: )
    I took pics of it tied several ways, so if I could get your opinion that would be great (my first time accessorizing a purse). It is 100% silk and just ties so nicely on the handle!


    Here's what it looks like laying flat.


    Tied with one knot.


    Tied with 2 knots.


    Tied with a little bow (my cat was really interested at this point)


    Still tied with a bow...but my kitty looked too cute so I included this one for fun (pardon his dirty eyes...persians are so bad for this and he yells at me when I try to clean him, so I only do it every couple days and today was an off day - lol it's like I'm explaining why my kid has a dirty face lol)!

    So ladies...which way of tying looks best?

  2. Looks cute :biggrin:
  3. Thanks fetish! Any suggestions as to the best wya to tie it on without it looking dorky?
  4. Very cute, especially the kitty, and the cookie monster slippers ! :biggrin:

    I think you're supposed to roll it, but I'm no scarf tying pro.
  5. That scarf is gorgeous
  6. LOL Ayla...thanks! I am a Cookie Monster freak...I collect stuffed cookie monster (I have over 40...it's my weird thing).

    Thanks for the rolling advice...I will try that later.
  7. Thank you ice:smile: I really love it too!:yahoo:
  8. I :heart: the scarf and your kitty! I have a red persian too!!! :love: I like it tied with a bow.
  9. Thanks Juliet!!! I love my little guy...he's a real tiny 7 lbs, but rules over the other 3 cats and 1 dog. I also have a black & white tuxedo persian who I think is gorgeous (he's even more punched in than my red).
  10. OMG..Your cat is so adorable !!!!!he has the same face like mine..get dirty all the time..

    Love your scarf..I am still looking for cute scarf for my damier..
  11. I like it all ways! Your kitty is so cute and I love the slippers!!![​IMG]
  12. OMG chag...that cookie monster thingy is soooooo cute!!!!!! And thank you!

    bags: wow...your kitty has short hair and punched in face! So cute!!!

    one day I need to get all 5 animals in the same room, in the same general vicinity without killing each other and take a pic with my LVs!
  13. I like the scarf tied with one knot. (the first picture.)

    I have Brian (from Family Guy slippers)

    My cat Louis is a Turkish Angora.


    Every once in awhile, his eyes run, too.
  14. Caitlin....thanks for the opinion!
    I love your kitty.....I am sooo thankful my persian isn't white!

  15. OMG...beautiful eyes..I have to show my DH ..emerald green eyes..Wow :wtf: :love: