**PICS**Silver Cotton Club Tote

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    Finally received my Large Silver Cotton Club Tote. It retailed for $1995.

    I really love the color. I was worried it would be too light but it's not. I think the distressed leather will help the look of this tote to appear cleaner since it is light.

    It has a cell phone holder and two interior pockets. It zips across the top. It has beautiful red/burgundy lining.

    Selena - I had my son put this up so that DH wouldn't see it before I got home. LOL
  2. Love that color and tote!! I have the blue, and it is such an awesome bag. Congrats!
  3. beautiful! i love this color so much....pearly sparkly:love: .....enjoy!:yahoo:
  4. I love your bag, Congrats!
  5. Congrats on your new bag. I hope you really enjoy it!!!
  6. Verrrry nice!!!

    I love the red lining!

  7. Enjoy it...
  8. Lovely:love: .....CONGRATS :yahoo:!!!!!!!
  9. I actually like this color better than the black one I got..LOL..SOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!!
  10. wow, it's so pretty!
  11. Congrats!!!! Love the color and style!! :heart:
  12. congrats! love the red lining!!!
  13. It's gorgeous! :yes:
  14. lovely bag, congrats!!
  15. I just order mine yesterday...Hope it will arrived next week...BTW the inside part is it canvas or leather?:confused1: