*PICS* Show me how you wear your Prada goodies *PICS*

  1. Hi guys!
    I hope I don't get banned since I've instigated threads like this in other brands forums.

    I'd love for you guys to share how you wear, style, use, match, and every other possible verb applicable to your Prada stuff!!

    Let's share, and well, just in a very tiny proportion, show off our favorite Prada stuff ;)!!!
  2. Well, as usual, since I'm the one asking you guys to share, seems fair that I show my cards first, here it goes, a recent outfit involving my Prada shopper and very Matrixesque shades...
    2017-03-27 14.43.32 1479980220785328682_13143582.jpg 2017-03-27 14.43.32 1479978200749575552_13143582.jpg 2017-03-27 14.43.32 1479978383210415303_13143582.jpg 2017-03-27 14.43.32 1479978216906084359_13143582.jpg 2017-03-27 14.43.32 1479978181607016319_13143582.jpg 2017-03-27 14.43.32 1479978398829794895_13143582.jpg
    Hope you guys like it, and please don't leave me hanging here, I wanna see you show off your Prada!
  3. Sorry, wrong thread, sorry guys...
  4. One of my beloved Prada make up pouches sitting on the coffee table :smile: IMG_7550a tpf.jpg
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  5. Prada Antik Cacao

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  6. IMG_7976.PNG
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  7. DSC_0037.JPG Carry Prada Inside Bag today
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