*PICS* Show me how you wear your Fendi bags and shoes *PICS*

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  1. me and my small beige peekaboo, match perfectly with business causal attire
  2. This is my vintage 1980's Fendi cross-body. I took it for a spin to look at the Cherry Blossoms today. Pink and green. The bag is coated canvas, with dark brown leather lining and is just a bit bigger than my iPad. I love using it when I go to Tokyo because it's so light and being old & a bit battered, it doesn't matter if it gets a bit squashed in a crowd.

    Fendi Cherry Blossom21.jpg
  3. MJBB - gorgeous
  4. GASP! :woot:
    I love your style!!! So chic!!!!! :smile:
  5. i dont think so but once i'm back from Barcelona i'll try it and let you know :smile:
  6. thank you~:biggrin:
  7. Here is how the Chameleon looks on me


    My friend and I with our lovely Peek-a-boo


    Me and my favourite Peek-a-boo

  8. Hey everyone,

    Here's me with my Fendi Chameleon in Cognac. Off to work!!
    Modeling 1.JPG
  9. What a good wardrobe, nice looking and matching outfit, not to mention the shoes!
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    Finally broke out my 2Jours and carried it to work this week! Here's a couple pics taken Monday
    image-1100030287.jpg image-3623552595.jpg
  11. Wow!
    Lovin' the 2jours, chameleons & peekaboos!
    You guys are workin' it!

    :popcorn: :dothewave::popcorn:
  12. So Cute! Love the layering!! ^