*PICS* Show me how you wear your Fendi bags and shoes *PICS*

  1. Show me how you wear your Fendi bags and shoes! :wlae:

    Don't know about the rest of you but I love looking at pics. I know some of you ladies have some stunning shoes (Saich and Lit have some gorgeous ones, and I know Baglady, Deco and BL definitely have some hiding away! :graucho: ). I'd love to see some of the beautiful combinations everyone has. :yes: I know for a fact that Saich has some beautiful sets. I esp. love the wisteria set! My heart still skips a beat when I see Lit's blueberry combination... :drool:

    I've always wondered what you would wear with the squirrel spy. How about the crackle, pleated cherry or coated leather spies? Modelling pics would be great. Hope to see some lovely pics!
  2. Here are some modeling pics I have from before. Maybe I'll do a photo session this weekend with my new stuff!
    brownB1.jpg brownB2.jpg canvas&patent.jpg canvas&patent2.jpg IMG_4102.jpg
  3. I got those green studded Louboutins that Saich got to go with her green spy (I think we are officially shoes-to-match-spy enablers). I need to take some pics with those on, but here are some older green spy modeling pics, with my silver B buckle shoes.
    7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg
  4. This thread is a great idea --

    Litigatrix -- I love seeing these pics again. The bags, shoes, and the Nanette Lepore all look FABULOUS!

    Baglady -- I love the Zucca with the kors -- a perfect match. The polka dot pedi is too cute.
  5. Lit I love your black and white B-bag outfit. I personally don't like the b-bag line at all but it works so well for you! Looks absolutely stunning. And the shoes! They are so sweet and cute. I love a good pair of flats. And don't even get me started on your black spy bag/boots combi... :drool:

    Unlike you baglady I will never show off my toes... (I barely look after my feet!) And now that it is winter I don't think I'll be going for a pedicure anytime soon.

    Okay for me (I don't have heaps of stuff) here are my boots I bought in April. Was gonna get the ones Lit got but these were half the price and seeing that I didn't have the matching spy I got these. The funny thing was that when I bought these I didn't even realise they were Fendi till I paid for them! They are old stock so they didn't have the yellow box which woul dhave been a dead giveaway.

  6. But I usually wear the boots with my black chanel flap.

  7. cute outfit, you look great!:tup:
  8. lovely boots, kav, they definitely don't scream "Fendi" like some other stuff, but they are very elegant and luxurious looking.
  9. I wore this outfit yesterday to meet my ex classmates for drinks at the bar.

    -Nanette Lepore Top
    -Seven For All Fankind Flynt Jeans
    -Lacoste Pumps
    -And my lovely cognac spy
  10. Really nice and casual, I love it! Is that the cognac spy? I don't really know the difference between choe and cognac. All I know is that cognac is the lighter of the 2.

    Thanks Lit, I love my boots. The leather is so soft. I love wearing them over jeans esp.
  11. Oops I just saw your wishlist. It say cognac. Very nice. I wore my Fendi slips ons to an engagement party a few weeks ago with my pink coat. It was a bit cold but I wore the slip ons anyway. Kinda regret buying them as I don't like slip ons, unless they are thongs.


  12. Heres some pictures of my spys and shoes I wear with them
    135_3515.JPG 135_3517.JPG 135_3519.JPG 135_3522.JPG 135_3524.JPG
  13. wow!! what a wardrobe!!
  14. Kav--those slip-ons are SO PERFECT for that coat

    Cherlizabeth--you totally rock that cognac spy. I am seriously considering one for my next purchase--it is so luscious

    Saich--I can't believe you have those dior shoes--I have been eyeing the same shoes but the flats version!