PICS - Saks Trunk Show

  1. Thanks to DJO
    224%20metallic%20silver%20reissue%20copy.jpg 225%20purple%20reissue%20copy.jpg black%20patent%20puzzle%20flap%20copy.jpg
  2. One more...
  3. OMG thanks for the pics!! That small silver reissue is adorable!! And that metallic purple is TDF...but I have too much purple already...(my way of making myself feel better since I'm banned! :sweatdrop:)
  4. thanks for posting smoothporter! damn it i just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that purple reissue. I WANTTTTTTTTTT!!! never seen such a beautiful colour in my life. BTW, do you know what size that is?
  5. Wow that metallic purple is insane! I bet it looks even more amazing in person :drool:
    Thanks so much for sharing the pics!
  6. :nuts: Yaaaaaaay !!

    Thaaaank you both of you Smooth & Damian :heart:

    what is the name / prices of the new clutches? (the last pix)
  7. I am definitely getting that purple!:tup: Thank you for the pics...:drool:

    Am I right when I assume the ones showing are the 225? Price/size?
  8. ^ price is $2425, size is 225.

    thanks smootho for posting the pics! saves me the trouble. :p
  9. oh thanks for the info shopping247.
  10. here's a dark navy patent one...
    dark navy patent east west copy.jpg
  11. ^ i am seriously loving these east west clutches!
  12. if smootho haven't posted these yet...
    black satin bow bags copy.jpg blue with red copy.jpg Copy of yellow flap copy.jpg north south pewter metallic copy.jpg
  13. Great pic of the purple reissue! Too bad they didn't have the full reissue rainbow - naughty Saks.
  14. awww that black bow looking one is so cute. i love the hardware and chains!
  15. ooooh oh oh ... the bow is so cute :nuts: :heart: i waaant .. iwaaant the small bow :drool::love:
    any idea about their prices???