Pics Saff Cornflower, Navy, Bronze and Mad Silt

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  1. I've posted these pictures in different threads but thought I'd post them here in case someone was interested and had missed pics buried in threads.

    I only have one pic or navy from the store but know someone else one here has navy and can jump in with more pics.


    Pics from bronze in the store. This color is gorgeous with a metallic sheen.


    This picture is bronze laying on top of the silt.

    Cornflower, best color shot

    Cornflower, best detail shot




    Hope it helps!
  2. Beautiful! What color is the lining in the silt?

  3. Navy!

    Silt interior

    Cornflower interior

    Bronze interior was a light tan.
  4. Thank you! Such great bags; enjoy!
  5. Beautiful bags! I'm glad you posted pics - I wanted Cornflower but I thought it was more gray than that. Lemming averted!

    I also hope that Silt color comes with silver hardware at some point. Love it!

  6. You can see the silt with silver on the Madison crossbody bag, i think it's the Bleeker. I'm more of a silver HW girl and I was surprised to find that I liked the gold better with it, but not everyone will feel that way I realize. At least you can get a visual though!
  7. Love the Silt's lining!
  8. I carried around silt hobo on one arm and navy n/s tote on the other yesterday. Came home with hobo and love it. Can't quit thinking about the navy tote. I love totes and have no bags in navy....or any color of blue!
  9. Love the Silt's lining!

  10. I do too but I know a lot of ladies don't like dark lining. It's gorgeous with the bag though!

  11. And I keep telling myself I need to return. I have bought WAY too many bags since Dec. I never buy this many bags!
  12. I know that feeling! I don't need another bag....I don't even have room for the ones I have! I may need an intervention:smile:
  13. And you win the enabler award for the day!!! These pictures inspired major damage today.:lol:
  14. I love the pics. of that tote ! Is the bronze as brown as the silt of more kind of gunmetal metallic ? Can't tell, but I like the brown in the silt best just need a bronze metallic color. I will probably get stuck on that hobo now...:rolleyes: Thanks for posting !
  15. Thanks for posting all these pictures! So pretty! Do you have other saffiano leather bags? I'm curious how they wear. I have some Furla saffiano pouches that I love. I also was naughty today and bought a silver saffiano domed cora satchel. She's so pretty!