Pics/review of my M by MJ Totally Turnlock Bowler - Carbon Blue!

  1. It's here!!! I can't belive how fast I got it - ordered from Zappos on Tuesday, got it this afternoon!

    I love the bag and I'm thinking I'll definitely keep it! I've never had a bag with leather this soft before. Soooo soft and well made! The style is awesome - incredibly roomy, but still sleek and doesn't look huge on. I like the big zipper pull and the cute lining. Fits well over my shoulder - will be a bit snug with a coat on. But I really like the way it looks handheld and in the crook of the arm too.

    The color - it's very hard to describe. It's a lot darker than some pics I've seen online - I think it is *almost* bordering on navy, it seems to have some greyish undertones in it. I am really liking the color though, I think it's a good neutral for me. I have nothing like it and I think it will work with brown or black outfits, and I think it goes well with jeans (the bag itself is not too denim-y in color).

    Guess that's it! I really got lucky and caught it at the right time on Zappos - I'm happy! Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions about M by MJ bags. This is my first (and the most $$ bag I've ever bought), and it turned out well!
    CarbonBlueBowler1.JPG CarbonBlueBowler2.JPG CarbonBlueBowler3.JPG CarbonBlueBowler4.JPG CarbonBlueBowler5.JPG
  2. ahh im so jealous!! I love the turnlock bowler, infact I love the whole turnlock collection! congrats!!
  3. it looks fabulous on you btw!! you have a great figure!
  4. I have the Teri Tote in Carbon Blue- I think it's practically impossible to capture the color accurately in pictures, but it's definitely not dissappointing IRL!

    Gorgeous bag!
  5. great much was it?
  6. Ahhh ... great color! Thanks for posting pics and congratulations!!
  7. I have the Teri tote in carbon blue and you are right- it is so hard top describe the is irresistable!!!!
  8. Congrats monalua! I love the color and it looks great on you!
  9. Thanks girls!!! I can't wait to carry it tomorrow! I'm getting my wisdom teeth out so it is my "treat." =)

    pwecious - It was $401.95 on Zappos. They don't have any of the blue up right now, but they do have the yam color and eluxury has the moss. Good luck with whatever you decide on your Tinas! =)
  10. OMG, this is so pretty! The more and more I hear about this the more I want one. Congrats on your beautiful bag!
  11. congrats!!!

    i really want the flap clutch in this colour but it's sold out everywhere online. sighs.

    wear your bag in good heath! (:
  12. ooo~~so happy for you!!

    i asked my friend to help me bought one...but i wont have chance to touch it until i wont go back until DEC...

    it's good that you post pictures of carbon blue, i was trying so hard to find it in the internet..haha...

    it looks really great on you~~
  13. Great pictures and color! Enjoy your new bowler! :yahoo:
  14. :yahoo: Wow the bag looks amazing on you :smile: COngrats
  15. Congratulations on the new bag! The color is beautiful and it looks so good on you.