*PICS* Resort 06's Soft Calf color - Scarlet

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  1. (source: pictures taken by MJ_LA's SA Stella)


  2. (source: pictures taken by MJ_LA's SA Stella)

  3. love the color! wish it had silver hardware though!
  4. That's gorgeous!
  5. Pretty red!
  6. i am really liking that red
  7. oooh! that is a pretty red. :heart:

    baglover...do you know if stella received the classic hobo in scarlett yet? that was one of the bags i have been waiting for. do you know if the blake comes in scarlett also?
  8. I'm not sure if classic hobo in scarlet is here yet, I'll e-mail her for you. Blake doesn't come in Scarlet.

    Scarlet is available for the following items:
    * SOFT CALF Dianne <$1095>, Classic Hobo <$895>, Multipocket <$895>
    * SOFT CALF SLG (small leather goods) Zip Clutch <$395>, Zip Wallet <$325>, Little Double Face <$250>, Key Pouch <$125>

    Were you able to get Hudson or other style from the store during their price-match special? =)
  9. Scarlet Classic Hobo is not here yet, but a new shipment is coming this week. =)
  10. I stopped by the SF MJ store yesterday and got a look at this color IRL. It is GORGEOUS! And, eisse, I also had my eye on that Classic Hobo in Scarlet. It's so cute in black and tapioca and olive, that I figure it must be smokin' in red. The SA is going to call me when it comes in so I can check it out.

    bag.lover, did you happen to notice the color of the interior on these bags? Looks like it could be dark blue or purple?
  11. The suede lining is brown (milk chocolate).
  12. Oooh thank you - that sounds very nice! I only saw the zip clutch in the case so I couldn't see the inside. Hmm, I am really torn between the scarlet hobo and holding out for some bright colored multipocket. Sigh...:rolleyes::wacko:
  13. thanks baglover for the update.
    ctm...did you try on the hobo and how did it look? i should stop by MJ SF and try one on for size!!
  14. Helena - what's a "Little Double Face?" I've never heard of that accessory.
  15. baglover...i did not get my chili hudson from the price match because they were sold out but i am waiting for one from the MJ sale at Nordstroms and minus the leather compartments. i was also interested in the classic hobo but i wanted to wait for the scarlet to make my decision on the color so i was not able to take advantage of the price match for it also:sad: