PICS * Red Caviar Jumbo w/new Chain

  1. What do you think?

    4-20-07 004.jpg 4-20-07 006.jpg 4-20-07 007.jpg
  2. :heart::heart::heart: soooooooo much!!! The perfect red! Looks gorgeous on you too!
  3. This is HOT!!! :yahoo:
  4. Love it. It is gorgeous!
  5. You look amazing with this bag Mon:idea: . You have the best Chanel collection around! Have fun with your new bag!!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  6. OH LALA!!!! WOO!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!
  7. Me thinks it's lovely! You wear it well. Now I want one too!
  8. You look stunning. gorgeous bag! do u love the red? its not as bright as it appears in photos.
  9. looks fantastic on you. Congrats Mon
  10. Hot. Soooooo Hot.
  11. :drool: :drool: :drool: totally fab on you!
    :love: me want one so bad...
  12. beautiful =) SIZZLE SIZZLE!
  13. Wow Mon!! Looks like perfection on you! Love that new chain.
  14. Very Pretty!!!!! Love Red.
  15. It's so gorgeous !!! congrats!