*PICS* Quilted Classic Elise (Resort 06)

  1. (source: MJ_Boston)

  2. lovely!
  3. Oh, those are pretty.
  4. (source: MJ_LA)

  5. [​IMG]

  6. hmmmmm...maybe I should return my used patent one for the black leather....where can I buy the black one at?
  7. Oh! These pictures are making me salivate!!! That white chiffon Elise is TDF! And all those accessories off to the side of the black one...whew...I need to go get a cold glass of water!!:P
  8. I love BOTH of them!
  9. I love the White Chiffon Elise. I saw the White Chiffon Stam and the color is TDF. The contrast between the leather and the stitching makes the bag look so pretty. I just wish Bloomies or Nordstrom's had it so I could get it with the discount this week.

  10. MJ in LA had them - Stella said she would give me 20% off , if that is still going on ...
  11. I ordered the white chiffon from Stella yesterday and it ships out tomorrow! Yippee!
  12. oh, my the white one i love!!!
  13. bag.lover, do you like this style better than the patent one?
  14. they are both amazing...
    another bag to add to my "want" list!
  15. H, you are seriously too dangerous to hang out with lol.... i think quilted elises are TDF!

    Oh and i can't help staring at the zip clutches behind the black elise. Purrrty... =]