*PICS* Python blue jean, white, and black flaps

  1. My new addition is the jumbo blue jean python flap.
  2. Here's blue jean jumbo python flap by herself:[​IMG]
  3. exquisite! :drool: :love: congrats!:yahoo: the color is amazing....
  4. Oh my gosh...falling off my chair due to amazement of how beautiful.....**thud***
  5. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  6. The python is just wonderful...I love it....(what is happening to me...where is my Lv and Gucci love???) lol
  7. Wow, gorgeous bags. I really like the blue jean jumbo, what a great color.
  8. Wow - you did it and made the python jump!! I know you were debating for a while. Good choice it looks fabulous!!!
  9. That is a very pretty color! Congrats!
  10. I can't believe how much I am loving these python bags. I think I like them because they're a solid color. I don't like it when it has some brown and silver in them. These are beautiful.

  11. Wow! GORGEOUS!
  12. it is stunning......
  13. Yaozah! Congrats on that! It's a beauty!
  14. holy cow, that is an AMAZING bag, absolutely stunning! a beautiful addition to your python collection! i'm majorly drooling over here!!
  15. I love Python bags...........especially Chanel!!!!!:p

    You're bags are gorgy, I love them :love: