**PICS** Presenting my new Tivoli PM !!

  1. I finally got this baby over the weekend. :wlae:Though I have posted in the clubhouse, I just took couple more modelling pics to share... I hope you guys are not tired of Tivoli posts.. (since lately lots of girls got this) but here is mine... Thank you for letting me share!! :yahoo:what do u think it looks on me? not too small? (I am 5'0 and 100lbs)
    tivoli 013.jpg tivoli 014.jpg tivoli 016.jpg tivoli 009.jpg tivoli 003.jpg
  2. More modelling pics!!:p
    tivoli 006.jpg tivoli 007.jpg tivoli 008.jpg
  3. I love it!

    You look so CHIC!
  4. Wow...looks great! Is it comfortable on the shoulder? Congratulations!!!
  5. It looks great!!! Not too small at all!
  6. it looks fantastic with your body type! very stunning, ultra fresh!
  7. thank you everyone =)!! I have to say it does not stay very comfortably over the shoulder because of the arching shape of the top of the bag. However I still can put it there if I have to (def. with no winter coat/jacket).
  8. It really is a beautiful bag!
  9. Congrats :yahoo: u two look gorgeous together!!
  10. cute. I love it! We're so chic aren't we? lolz. Love your black turtle neck sweater. Congrats.
  11. gorgeous!

    i absolutely LOVE it! & it looks great on you!

    congrats! :]
  12. lovely, congrats!
  13. LOVE THIS BAG! :biggrin: It looks so great over the shoulder! Congrats :biggrin::biggrin:
  14. it's beautiful! congrats!!
  15. I :heart: it! It looks so good on you. Yes there have been alot of Tivolis posted up on the forum recently, but what can I say, great minds think alike and we all have superb taste! LOL!