Pic's please of the abbey totes??

  1. i'm saving for my first gucci bag and am interested in the small or medium abbey tote with 2 straps, and pref the platinum trim!!!
    if anyone has this bag or similar i'd love to see them
  2. Not sure if these are what you're after. They are both Abbey totes.

  3. Here's me modeling my small Abbey tote. I would have preferred to have gotten the normal Gucci monogram with the cream trim but this one was on sale. Just couldn't resist... :graucho:

  4. My mom has one! But I don't have any pictures of her posing the bag.
  5. thanks girls...they are all beautiful..
    keep the pictures comming!!!!
    bejerry........that is the tote with the platinum trim do you know if it is the medium or small size???
  6. ^That only came in the 1 size. The tote I am modeling came in 2 sizes. I'm modeling the smaller one. The Abbey in the left of the 1st photo I posted comes in that 1 size as well.
  7. That's a medium size, perfect for my mom since she carries the world with her everyday -- two wallets, card holders, two calendars, make-up bag, numerous documents (don't ask why!). It can be wore on the shoulder. This bag is not big enough for a laptop though. The small one is handheld only, I've seen someone carrying it and that's very cute.

    Are you a tall girl? Do you carry a lot? Abbey is a practical everyday bag. :yes:
  8. thanks beejerry
    your moms bag is exactly the one i'm wanting..unfortunately the medium is not avaiable according to the SA in boston...so i may be looking at the small size..i love this color combination....but also wanting something to wear on my shoulder
    the SA told me they have a new metalic gunmetal trim color i think its called ...but i love love love the platinum
    i'm usually in the coach area on TPF but have been saving my money for my first gucci
    i think this may be a good choice, but unfortunately i may not get the exact one i want.....thanks for your posts:smile:

    BTW i recently moved from san jose, (willow glen) to maine.......i noticed your'e from silicon valley...do you usually shop at the gucci boutique acrross from valley fair????
  9. Yes, I do get many of my bags from the Gucci boutique on Santana Row, I find their SA very friendly. If I say hi to them with a smile, they always return w/ a smile too.

    I also like to shop at Saks up in San Francisco, the SA there named Rosalynn is my favorite SA. She is very experienced and know how to treat her customer.

    There are a few items I got from bluefly.com too, you might want to check them out :yes: Good luck on finding your first Gucci :heart:
  10. I just realised that you moved cross country to Boston. Have a lobster for me :smile: I heard it is freezing over there in Winter!
  11. Here is my Abbey

  12. I never knew this Abbey came in 2 sizes. Do you have a pic beejerry?
  13. kavnadoo - This is the small one. I ended up returning it and just keeping the clutch. This pic is from Spring 2005.
  14. thanks everyone for your pics
    the pink is TDF
    mssmelanie...wondering why you may have returned the tote and could you fit the small size over your shoulder even though it may have been a tighter fit.
    thanks again
  15. Thanks for the pic. It is so cute. I thought it only came in 1 size cos that was what I was told. Probably due to being in a different country. Can't stop looking at your clutch as well... I love it!