PICS PLEASE Modeling the Ergo Leather Tote 10743

  1. I did a search and didn't find any. Was wondering how it fit on the shoulder. Please post pics if you have them of you wearing it on your shoulder. Thanks!

    I like it, but want to make sure it's comfy...:p
  2. i don't have pics, but it's definately comfy on the shoulder. i'm not petite or small in ANY way and it goes easily on my shoulder.

    i can take pics later, if you need them.
  3. Please... thanks!
  4. hmm. it's noon. i should probably get out of my pj's.
  5. Nah...I am still in mine. I actually took a shower and put my PJs back on. Plus you know I post pics with my PJs all the time. It doesn't matter. Thanks in advance!:smile:
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Thanks! Oooooooh I like the black. Wasn't even considering it before, but now I it alot. Thanks Mokoni!
  8. ^You're welcome! I LOVE my ergo so much and I love the size. The large ergo is cute with the turnlock but it really is a huge bag.
  9. wow, i actually got my butt dressed for a picture! don't mind the hair and lack of makeup, amongst other things. look at the pretty bag instead, lol!


  10. Kallison is it snug at all on your arm or just right?

    Thank you! Looks great! My hubby got me a giftcard for $50 to buy an accessory for the Cotton Carly he got me for our Anniversary. Well, instead of an accessory because I already bought the wristlet and matching mult function wallet, I thought of putting it towards a new handbag! guys understand my logic...:roflmfao:
  11. Turquoise Ergo tote medium. I'm 5'7", 130ish. It's not snug and is very comfortable on the shoulder.


  12. snug? no. obviously, it's not nearly as much room under the arm as, say, graberg...but it's nothing like trying to wear a demi (for me) or anything.

    it does, however, fall down a lot on me. but maybe that's just me?
  13. You all look great with your bags!! I have it in the large but wanted to say that the leather is sensational! Just in case you needed any enabling at all! LOL!
  14. It is a bit slippery on the shoulder so I don't wear it there much. I just carry it.
  15. That's what I was afraid of. See with the Carly I can use both arms and not have to worry of it sliding down my arm, which I love.

    Thank you all for your pics. I really appreciate it. You helped a lot!