Pics please! Damier azur canvas beside patinaed vachetta

  1. Hello!

    I tried doing a search and didn't find anything so hope I'm not duplicating anything!

    Wondering if any of the ladies who have damier azur would mind posting a picture of patinaed vachetta beside the azur canvas? Could be as simple as putting the straps of a papillon or cabas piano or alma or speedy handles beside the canvas.

    Just hoping to get a real visual on how the damier azur would look with patinaed leather. Posting pics of various degrees of patina would be greatly appreciated also! (ie. just beginning to patina, warm honey, and heck - even the dark stuff so at least we're prepared on how it may look and when we would want to go and get the vachetta replaced! :lol: )

    Thanks in advance!! :flowers:
  2. Unfortunately none of my LVs have patina yet, but I can't wait to see what the Azur will look like with patina on it!!
  3. I'm getting my azur on friday...not sure if it will be too late then, but I can post some comparison pics as soon as i get her!
  4. It sucks but I am sure someone else will show some pics..

    This is from Scottie's bag pic..


  5. Ohh it looks good with dark vachette...but, dirty vachette yikeesss it will stand out I think...pic number two is scary...the dark vachette may not be has nice has a cream....what do you think????
  6. I was a little bored, maybe this'll help?
  7. thats not so bad, i thought it might not look good with the dark patina....
  8. I love the pics, Nita! Hehe.
    If it the patina really bothers you, LV can always replace the handles and leather pieces. :rolleyes:
  9. it looks good!
  10. um...not that bad with the dark patina!
  11. hey bags
    didnt want my gorgeous azure to patina that fast:crybaby: ;)
  12. i actually think the dark patina makes the bag look BETTER! LOL... still not sure about this line though, but that sure moves it up a bit!
  13. I totally agree, it looks better with patina!!!:nuts:
  14. i think it looks good with or without patina :yes: