Pics pics pics~~~

  1. Just got these from a HK mag..... hopes you guys/gals like them
    IMG_8766.jpg IMG_8809.jpg IMG_8836.jpg IMG_8866.jpg MonogramBonBon.jpg
  2. more
    MonogramJokes.jpg MonogramMotard.jpg Watercolor.jpg
  3. Thanks!
  4. Fun colors! So not me though. LOL.
  5. i really like the Matisse Neverfull :yes:
  6. Wow, cool ... thanks for sharing!
  7. I'm still not loving this season- the only bags with potential IMO are the watercolor MC, Matisse, and the tote in the background below:
  8. Thanks for sharing...the colours will work well here due to our long, long summer:yes: I really like the Matisse too ..any ideas of pricing???
  9. Thanks for sharing!!!
  10. wow, awesome! thanks for sharing!
  11. that's more than half, the only ones you didn't mention are the new Motards and the Camouflage.
  12. hehe people are forgetting that there are diferent bags in that season for different folks :smile:. but the main running trend of ss08 is really the bright eye catching colours. I personally can't wait to see the pastel motards irl.
  13. look cool, but I don't like any of them.
  14. Thanks for sharing!!!!
  15. Thanks for sharing!!! I love the pink/yellow motard bag. It definitely grew on me.