1. Here comes the pics of the new Chole bags I bought from from recent deals! Decided to return the Edith Bowling but doesn't hurt to take a few pics though;)
    IMG_0911.JPG IMG_0960.JPG IMG_0965.JPG IMG_0970.JPG
  2. I have more pics but don't know how to upload, should I open a new thread to post more?:confused1:
  3. Ok, I figured out! I like the silverado more at first, but by taking and editing these pics I found out the edith seems to go with me better~~~~:sweatdrop:
    12.JPG 123.JPG IMG_0914.JPG IMG_0922.JPG IMG_0936.JPG
  4. Wonderful buys!!!am sooo jealous..the NM guys cancelled two of my silverado orders...arggghhh!!
    oh,you can post more pics by clicking "go advanced" so you can attach more pics!!!:p
  5. Love your edith bowler :drool:.
  6. Thanks Abi319!
    I am just so lucky, the silverado disappeared after I placed my order!

  7. I thought the xl edith was too large at first, but it looks really gorgeous in the pics,isn't it? I'm 5'9'' bare foot btw
  8. The edith looks great on you!
  9. oooh dont return the bowler. You look stunning carrying it :tup::yes:
  10. Great bags....don't return either!
  11. Thanks Pandabear and Chole-babe, I do like what the edith looks in the pics, but still a little more falling for silverado as real stuff, it's chic and easier to carry, have to wear high heels to carry edith
  12. Personally, I think the Edith Bowler is the nicest bag on you. It really makes a statement, and it looks like it would hold a ton of stuff.
  13. ok, there seems to be more votes for Edith Bowler :shrugs: ,I will definitely reconsider the return decision.
    Actually I have one white Edith Satchel coming next week, I will take more pics and see how's it going :boxing:
  14. I bought and returned the edith bowler, because it was to big for me...but it looks great on you! You should keep it! (you are a lot taller than me, I'm hardly 5'2)...BUT the silverado is a beauty it possible for you to keep the bowler and keep your eyes out for an on sale silverado?
  15. :tup: CONGRATS~ They are gorgeous!!! I like the silverado!!!!