Pics...Pics...Pics....*Quick Reveal*

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  1. Hey, everyone! Just wanted to share my September PCE purchases. Better late than never.
    Again, nothing you guys haven't seen before.... but hope you guys still enjoy!

    So, who's still awake for a quick reveal? :yahoo:
  2. im awake...just browsin the coach forum.

  3. Hey ulikeymahpurze! Thanks for joining. First off.... Accessories ....

    I knew I had to get these..... Just a matter of waiting for PCE to come!

    The ocelot infinity scarves: It comes in Purple, Khaki, and Grey.

    Style number : 98962*
    MFSRP $ 99.00 each

  4. Also, the new Madison Ocelot scarf in TEAL: *style# 81003
    Comes in 2 other colors: *magenta and black
    100% Merino wool
    23 1/2 " x 76"

  5. me me me
  6. I always enjoy your photos...I need to invest in a better camera for my reveals lol.
    Those are cute...they remind me of the stephen sprouse stoles. perfect for the fall/winter time....might grab me some of those too :smile:
  7. Madison Patent Crimson Shoulder bag*
    Style number 15991. *B4/Crimson
    MFSRP. $498.00

    Gorgeous color!!! Love to wear this using the 2 shorter straps. The longer single strap is great for shoulder wear. *And also it is possible for cross body especially when you need some hand free times. But honestly though it can be a bit awkward.... I have to keep molding her according to my preference. Hopefully in time....I won't need to after the leather softens and settles .



  8. too cute!
  9. Here are some modelling pics:



  10. Wow that bag is GORGEOUS. It looks great on you, too! You always have fantastic reveals. I love it!!!
  11. glad you made it madyaguess & emilybug :yahoo:
  12. Congrats lady!
  13. #13 Oct 2, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2010
    Here are some accesories:

    Madison Gathered Leather Accordion Zip wallet*
    Style number 44370. B4/Black
    MFSRP $248.00

    I think this is such a great addition to any collection!!!

    I find it easier to change purses everyday than change my wallet. So definitely, with this particular wallet's versatility, I need not change wallets all that often!

    The purple, too, is too gorgeous!!! But I had to fight the urge.....well I can wait for it to come to the outlet..... I can just hope so....

  14. LOVE it! That bag is STUNNING!! Congrats :smile:!
  15. everything, especially those scarves! Need to get some ASAP! Congrats on everything!