Pics or recommendations for a Marquise diamond?

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  1. Help, please!

    I am thinking of putting a 1.5 carat marquise solitaire diamond in a ring setting but I am SOOOOO CLUELESS about rings, jewelry, etc. that I don't know where to begin.:shrugs: I search a lot of existing threads but found only 1 pic of a ring with a marquise diamond.

    I don't want a plain, pronged setting, am thinking of something with some interest but not a detraction from the main stone. I like white gold or platnium. I like the halo style but will it work on a pointy stone like a marquise?

    Does anyone have pics or a website that I can check out?

    Thanks in advance!! :flowers:
  2. YES!! I have the perfect setting for your marquis! Scroll down for the handshots. This is my all-time fave setting for a marquis cut stone.

    It's one of my faves on Pricescope, and it was done by, one of the best online jewelers out there. I have an eternity band by them and can totally vouch for them.
  3. Marquise set with a trilliant either side,all claw set,can look showstopping and elegant at the same time,just take care that your jeweller or setter mounts the stone with claws over the points as they can be very susceptible to chipping or breaking.Don't worry there are special claws that mimic the shape of the stone,you won't be big round blobs on the ends!! See if you can find Casto Creations on here and post her,she may have some photos of settings she can post you and offer you more advice,she has moutains of integrity so yuo'll be well guided and in safe hands with her!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. How about this for a bit of a coincidence,one of my freinds in the trade has just sent me this,and it arrived literally 5 mins ago(spooky!)
    So I have very cheekily photographed it so you can have a look! Its a 1 carat size stone
    set in platinum,by a designer called Paul Spurgeon,he always uses stones of exquisite quality,the UK price in sterling is £9,995.00 (rubbish at currency conversion,sorry!)If you look at the setting on the 'ends' of the stone,you will see they are kind of like little arrow heads,you can get this in a claw setting too,with those little arrowhead tips to protect the delicate points.
    marquise setting 001.JPG
  5. KristyDarling and chaz, thank you both for your suggestions, ideas and photos!!!

    KD - I never thought to put the marquise sideways - like on pricescope - thanks for the link and recommendation to I will check them out!

    chaz - thank you for the design ideas with the trilliants, hints on covering the tips so they won't chip, recommendation to PM castro AND the pic of the very modern setting! It's really unique, I like it!!!

    Thanks again to you both for the great ideas!!! I am feeling so much LESS clueless now! :heart:
  6. oh chaz...that is so sweet! :smile: Thank you.

    I wish I could create a stunning setting for you but I'm not quite there yet in my skill set. The ring that chaz posted is jaw droppingly gorgeous and is exactly what I would want for myself.

    My main suggestion would be to look for a local designer and get referrals right off the bat. It could be a small local shop or an independent person. A good designer will sit down and listen to what you want and help design something exactly for you. Make sure everything is very clear cut and written out - I'd expect them to create several sketches after getting an idea for what you want.

    I normally require 50% down once a design is agreed upon but I make adjustments as requested until it's exactly what someone wants. I think that's pretty normal for most designers.

    I hope that helps at all. :smile: There is a designer here who DOES work with gold and diamonds and who is fantastically talented. Her tpf name is Japster and her website is She recently had a baby so she may be a little busy...but she's really talented.

    Share with us whatever you come up with! :smile:
  7. Thats ok hun!Just saying what I think,and I will try and guide people to you with things like this as you do seem well versed,even if your skills are'nt all quite in place,yet! As you are jeweller and I have a most been an SA its seems the best thing to do to direct them to you,and with your integrity I'm more than comfortable doing so!XX
  8. thanks so much for your advice, Castro! :heart: I'll also contact Japster.