Pics Only!!! Show Us Your Vintage Guccis No Chatting Please!

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    Please post pics of your vintage Guccis

    This includes all from 1921 - mid-00s

    Try to post the approximate style name and year it was released..if possible.Thanks!

    Please leave your pics here as this is a ref thread

    ....and no chatting ;)
  2. Tom Ford design, Gucci horsebit clutch/shoulder bag. Chain strap is removable.
    Re Gucci.jpg
  3. Black suede evening bag with dragon, I think this was also a Tom Ford design.
  4. Gucci Tom Ford design evening bag, came out with the dragon collection.
  5. Barrel shaped Gucci bag, one of my very first handbags, 1990 or so (yikes dating myself...)
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  6. not sure what year is the cutoff for vintage but it is from a Tom Ford line
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  7. I think this was the late 80s, early 90s...

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  8. Early to mid 80's for large print, late 80's for small print.

  9. [​IMG]Unfortunately, I don't know the name/style. I believe it was from the mid-late 80s as I inherited it from my mom.
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  10. [​IMG]

    probably 1980's?? it's from the accessory collection.
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  11. Tom Ford era logo evening bag with enamel bamboo chain and snake head (note crystal inside snake's mouth). Green/black crocodile web.

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  12. Same collection as above but larger "day" bag (I forget the name of this bag but it's a classic shape). Inside is lined in matching lime green silk!

  13. Post-Tom Ford era Gucci Boston Treasure bag (smaller side) in pale lilac alligator:

  14. From the accessory collection, my very first Gucci given to me by my husband for my birthday in 1988 BEFORE he was my don't try to 'date' me :nogood:
  15. i love my new additions :heart:333