Pics Only!! Show Us Your Gucci Totes!

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    Pics only please.Please state style name,Price,and date of collection..Thanks!

    Try not to forget no chatting

    and please be prepared to leave your pics as this is a ref thread :flowers:
  2. Bought it today for around $700 on sale (original was around $1095).
    gucci1.jpg gucci2.jpg gucci3.jpg gucci5.jpg gucci4.jpg
  3. Gucci tote - bought it in spore 2 yrs ago for SGD600
  4. Gucci Canvas tote 2006 $1300 CAD bought in Gucci boutique HK
    Gucci Suede tote 2006 $1300 CAD bought in Holt Renfrew Canada
  5. (not sure if this is classified as a tote but here she is!)

    Bamboo handle bag, purchased April 2007, from Luisa (next to Gucci Melbourne). 50% off AUD 710, approx USD 570. From a few seasons ago.
  6. wow, i'm surprised no one has put this bag in reference:
    The small Eclipse tote, bought on sale. for 420 tax included on May 31st 07
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  7. Another version of the Gucci Suede Tote (smaller size)
    $850 from Fall '06
    Picture 135 (Large).jpg Picture 179 (Large).jpg Picture 180 (Large).jpg
  8. 2007 Cruise Collection Abbey medium shoulder bag w/ platino trim, $620
  9. here is my "abbey" medium shoulder bag purchased july 20, 2007 by BF at Nordstroms topanga,ca. $725 retail.




  10. here are my gucci totes.. the red one on the right is an eclipse tote
    picture 083.jpg picture 089.jpg picture 082.jpg
  11. :jammin:my first gucci!! a joy medium it from last month.
    DSC04183.jpg DSC04184.jpg
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    my first gucci, summer JOY boston bag, purchased from for $615 plus $20 s/h. they do have good sale there. go check it out!!
  13. Here's my Gucci Blondie Studded Caramel tote - :heart: her! ;)

  14. [​IMG]