PICS ONLY! -Show Us Your Gucci Britt Collection!

  1. Please post pics of your Gucci Britt( Bag,wallet,shoes..etc)...No Chitchat please..reference pics only.Please post pic,style name,price and where purchased!
  2. Black Britt medium tophandle tote with detachable strap:

    Gucci Britt.jpg
  3. [​IMG]2007 Cruise Collection Britt Boston bag for $1470.
  4. Britt Ankle Strap, purchased :yahoo: ON SALE :yahoo:for AU $545 in Melbourne, Australia, in Dec 2006.
    IMG_2422.JPG IMG_2428.jpg
  5. 'britt' medium shoulder bag with single adjustable strap, magnetic snap closure, double G ornament, inside zip pocket, and cell phone pocket. 15.8"L x 11.8"H.
    brown leather with green/red/green signature web and light gold hardware.
    162740 ABJ1G 2061
    $1295 purchased fall'06

    Picture 167 (Large).jpg 162740_ABJ1G_2061.jpg
  6. 'britt' medium boston bag with double handles, zip-top closure, interlocking G ornament, bottom feet, inside zip pocket, and cell phone pocket.

    sand guccissima leather with white/gold/white signature web, sand leather trim, and light gold hardware.
    2007 Cruise Collection cant remember the price since they took it off the site but around $1400
    bostonwtmk.JPG boston87.JPG
  7. New Britt Medium Hobo- Gift in 7/07 from I think it was $550.
    pic 40.JPG
  8. Cruise 2007 Cream Britt medium tote with white/gold/white web, purchased yesterday at Gucci Sogo (a department store in Hong Kong, though unlike the department stores in the US, this store is directly operated by Gucci) for $7180 HKD, ($897.5 US),
  9. my newest gucci bag..

    bought it in " gucci ", paragon mall in orchard road singapore. 1,850 sing $ it!!!!
    my newest gucci .jpg
  10. Here's my britt hobo. Just got it love love it! It comes with the detachable strap. Fits perfectly on my shoulders too!:yahoo:

    P.S. Got it for $2060 sin at Takashimaya on Orchard road. Its coated fabric/nylon with patent leather handles and trim
    britt hobo.JPG britt hobo3.JPG britt hobo2.JPG
  11. Here's mine.. got it from was on waitlist for a couple of weeks but finally arrive yesterday!
  12. My 'new britt' large tote with double straps. Retails for $695

  13. My silver Britt medium hobo and matching wallet:
    Britt1.jpg Wallet1.jpg
  14. My one and only Gucci bag for now. ;)
  15. My 2007 Cream Britt Tote. Love it!!:P