Pics Only! - Show Us Your Gucci Blondies!

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  1. Post pics names,prices..etc...Refrain from chitchat please as this is for reference library only!THANKS!;)
  2. My blondie collection.
    blondiecollection.jpg MyBlondieCollection.jpg
  3. Wasn't sure whether to post this here, or in the accessories thread - hope it's OK here...? :s

    Green Gucci Blondie Continental Wallet, A/W '04 - '05:
    Green Gucci Blondie Continental Wallet copy.jpg
  4. Some old pictures I found on my PC.. Thought I would show them here for reference. Blondie white Bowler.. Retail $1150
    gucciblondiebag1.jpg gucciblondiebag2.jpg gucciblondiebag3.jpg gucciblondiebag4.jpg
  5. Blondie wallet retail $350
    gucciblondiewallet1.jpg gucciblondiewallet2.jpg gucciblondiewallet3.jpg gucciblondiewallet4.jpg
  6. :rolleyes:Gucci Black Blondie Bowler!
  7. Purple Blondie hobo
    serial # 130X71-XXXX
  8. Adding serial numbers to my initial collection post below for reference -

    Green tote - 121X51-XXXX
    Black hobo - 1314X43-XXXXX
    Red flap - 1157X6 -XXXXX
    White bowler - 13X030-XXXXX
  9. Some celeb pics for reference. The black one is my hobo.
    53264315.jpg Paris_Hilton_Gucci_Large_Boston_Bag_01.jpg e8_1.jpg T10128857.jpg
  10. My babies! I purchased the white one from HighMaintience one eBay last year! luv her for it!!!
    Blondies.jpg Vlack Blondie.jpg White Blondie.jpg Olive Blondie.jpg Tangerine Blondie.jpg
  11. OMG:drool::drool:
  12. Update to blondie family...recently added purple and black!:woohoo:
  13. Blondie shoes
  14. Red and Black Blondie messenger hobos
  15. Those Messengers are to die for!!! Here are some additions to my Blondie Collection!:heart::love::heart:
    get-attachment.aspx.jpg get-attachment-1.aspx.jpg
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