**PICS ONLY** Show me what you got at the sale!! **PICS ONLY**

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  1. Okay... Time to 'fess up ladies. ;)

    What did you get at the sale? Pics, prices and location if possible.

    Try and limit the chit chat, I want to see all the lovely bargains you guys got! :yahoo: Public sale hasn't started where I'm at (presale has) but I'll be posting pics up myself in the next day or 2, fingers crossed!! :wlae:
  2. nothing:crybaby:
  3. I ordered both bags over the phone from the Gucci store in Orlando. The boston is a little bigger than pictured. I'm having a serious case of buyers remorse. Maybe I will feel better once they arrive.:yes:

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  4. ^ how much is the small peggy?
  5. that's so pretty, is this a closed tote? or compltely open?
  6. It was around $850. Although it is fabric, it was 40% off at the Gucci store.
  7. Hi! I just got my first two Gucci's! I got the white Princey at SF Saks pre-sale $714 (CA tax sucks!). Then yesterday, on the way to pick that up I stopped by the SF Gucci store to check out their pre-sale and...*poof*...bought the Biba large hobo with the white trim for $748. The SA that helped me, Ann, was GREAT. She had me follow her to the back and show the hobo to me. A customer of hers could not pick it up after pre-sale (I think customer was going out of the country or something) and it was the LAST one! She told me I could pick it up on or after June 6th.

    I think I just found my Gucci SA! She was the only one in the store that talked to me.:wlae:

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  8. oh my, you got the princy tote, I'm so jealous. that is so cute. I bought a Black wave boston .

  9. do you mean this one?? i thought it wasn't going on sale!! :crybaby:(I get alot of the names confused though)

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  10. I've ordered 3 items so far.. the Purse was with the pink trim though, not the white, I can't seem to find the pink one on the site.. the small waist belt.. and I'm still debating on the wallet, I have it set aside right now. The wallet is the off-white guccissima color, not the color pictured, it's from last season (I believe, so I had to borrow this pic from someone on Ebay). I'm debating on getting the wallet or a ToyWatch!

    What do you think? Wallet or Watch? :confused1:

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  11. Get the wallet, and the wave boston is black smooth leather, not mono. plain leather , I wanted the patent one fore a while . I was supposed to get the white leather princy medium boston , but I got the wave instead. I'm thinking if I want to add a britt to the order but I need to stop and Get MY Chanel!!! lol

  12. lol.. yep these sales are soo bad when your trying to save up for something else!! I have the Boston in the mono, but I've been wanting a Guccissima as well. :rolleyes: It's one my favorite bags, you'll love it!! I'm trying to save for a Pelham.. er.. as you can see, not going so well.. :Push:

  13. $850 before the discount or after?
  14. just got this today, and will be picking up the baby blue large belt bag on tuesday

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