Pics on Lanvin for H&M!!!

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  1. Cool! Can't wait!
  2. looks good!!
  3. wow!
  4. I can't wait!! Is this collection supposed to be for all H&M or just select ones?
  5. can't wait!!
  6. Just selected ones.

    I´m not that impressed with dresses in the picture.
    But i´m still looking forward to see the whole collection.
  7. I love that mono shoulder dress. Must have!
  8. nice! Finally, a collection I can get excited about.

    Thanks OP
  9. ooooo wee! When does it come out?
  10. 20. November.
    Looking forward to it!
  11. That's exactly my thoughts, unfortunately we don't have an H&M here!! But that dress is just a copy of the runway dress S/S 2009!!
  12. it's going to be virtually impossible to score something. i'd have to line up in front of one of the h&m's here in nyc starting at 5 am. :sad:
  13. Do you think that the clothes that the older woman in the picture is wearing is a jacket/dress/jumper??? If its a jacket, must have it in my life! Although I wonder if it would look okay on someone in their early 20s
  14. It looks a lot like a jacket/coat - the neckline and the cut, pockets and the belt...
    I think it would look good if you´re in your 20s.