PICS of your YSL in ACTION

  1. Hey everyone!

    I see we have a thread on celebs with their YSL but what about us in our YSL? I love to see the personal style of non-celebs.--But if you're a TPF using celeb, please feel free to join in :biggrin::p
  2. I'll start off the fun with me in my iconic YSL suit :graucho:




    Thanks for letting me share. I look forward to seeing what others have in their wardrobe, be it small accessories, clothes, shoes, handbags, etc.
  3. very chic, love it.
  4. Thanks, Ceeyahd!
    Please don't leave me alone in the thread. Join in :smile: :heart:
  5. lol, I am not 'in action' yet, unless I get into action here in the house with the bags I have to decide upon....

    I have a love for the classic look you have posted 'in action'.
  6. Having drinks with my Belle De Jour clutch at Shore Club in Miami

    Getting ready to go to dinner at Prime Italian and then clubbing at Arkadia

  7. great additions :biggrin:

    we have a thread in action, here it is