pics of your spy

  1. Hi Im sooo lusting for the SPY the Im outting my LV addiction on hold, however I cant decide whether I should get the all white or whiskey or cognac or the petrol-- can you guys w Spy post your pics with your spys so I can see how it looks when carried? Unfortunately, our country doesnt carry mych spy, most have to be pre-ordered so no samples for me to try on,thanks
  2. I've become quite taken with the Spy as well. I love the photos I've seen of the Hologram Spy!
  3. Hi, I'm 5'1" (about 5'3-5'4" ish with my heels on) in these photos.. hoep this helps!

    i love love love mine!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. squishy...your hologram spy is amazing!
  5. ^^Love love love:love: your hologram spy!
  6. aww thanks! these are the same pix i posted in another forum too! its just so fun and light and useful and BIG! and goes with a lot of things because its blue, yet bronze!!! :biggrin: so fun!!
  7. I love the way you look with your spy!!
  8. You and your Spy are glowing!
  9. I bought my Spy back in August and I can't leave the house without it! I STILL get compliments every day!
  10. squsihy and kssthis, you gals look amazing with your spys! you really know how to rock them!!
  11. Thanks BooYah. I forgot to mention. I'm only 5'2" (smile)...
  12. you could be 2'5" and i'd still have all the confidence in you that you could wear your spy more beautifully than most of the celebs do :yes: ;)
  13. That bag is FIRE! That is the exact one I want which is hard to find in my area. LOVE LOVE.
  14. I don't usually post in this subforum, but I just had to say - you guys are on FIRE!! You both look so hot with your Spy bags!
  15. Yes, totally agree! I have a spy and I am far from looking that hot, especially after having 2 kids! I am most likely conforming to her shape than anything :lol: