Pics of your Mayday Presents :D

  1. :yahoo: Yay heres mine! OMG I :heart: Butterpecan1 (I think its you..:confused1: ) THANK YOU!!!!

    Tokidoki Decorated Frame
    Chocoboy Candy
    Pocky Chocosticks Candy
    Adios Star Earrings
    Badtz Maru Coin pouch
    Chococat Lemon Scented Tissues
    and...King Kamehameha Statue to represent Hawaii :yahoo:

    Now I got two adios star earrings--I should have waited to buy mine hahaha...

  2. Chococat and Batz-maru!!! :heart: I love them so.
  3. LMAO!! YAY!! I love Pocky Sticks!!
    Come on girls.. chop chop.. post those pix!!
  4. this seems so fun, i wasn't around whenever it was formed, so what exactly is this?
  5. hey tehlilone wheres yours???:lol: still gushing ??
  6. haha I'm eating my jumbo red vines! it's slowing me down... anywhoo here's my post I've been working on lol



    Thanks Disney4Us!! I :love: all the redvines!! I'm eating the Jumbo right now haha :lol:

    in case you're wonder what is in the picture...
    - butterfly bookmark
    - super panda fan
    - hello kitty aloha pins (2 of them) and matching tags :smile:
    - secret bottle (i think that's what it's called) moofia! He's my first moofia member weeeeeee
    - Japanese Cherry Blossoms Body Butter
    - happy smile panda mirror
    - hawaiian host chocolate covered macadamias :heart:
    - Black Licorice Redvines
    - Cherry Redvines
    - Jumbo Red Vines
  7. whoohoo congrats...i take it you like redvines :lol: ...ah should of taken a before picture haha..but it was just the frame that was wrapped in orange paper like lesportsac :biggrin:
  8. redvines are one of my favorite candies :biggrin: (twizzlers too since theyre similiar)
  9. haha cool...i only like the strawberry ones :p the super panda look soo cute haha...
  10. OK, next time you guys do this I want in! lol.
  11. yeah the more the merrier! :biggrin:
  12. tehlilone: The packages are so cute, especially the Hello Kitty stickers.

    I think that moofia milk bottle is called moumou, but I don't remember where I saw that.
  13. yeah i think your right snoopa..they have a necklace of him??

    so tehlilone...are you going to start collecting the other moofias? now that you got one to start? :graucho:
  14. Vmasterz- I'm wearing it right noW!
    I'm not sure about it though, I wish I would have gotten the latte instead. :shame:

    Yes yes yes, get all 8. moofias are lots o' fun.
  15. people on eBay call him the secret one or something weird :shrugs: I've never actually looked into their names... JapanLA has a t-shirt of him!

    anywayz I was going to start the moofias but to save money I put some as part of my wishlist therefore I didn't know which one's I might get if any at all so I didn't want to start collecting YET lol ;)

    and yes when's the next gift exchange? lol