Pics of Your LV in Action

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  1. Love the bag and shoes!! :tup:
  2. Great pic! Love the Azur :heart:
  3. Thanks LuLuLV!
  4. the first pic is me and my new black mc wapity, and the second pic is my bf and i with the neverfull MM

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  5. thank u.Teluk Cempedak in Kuantan part of Pahang. its a nice place.
  6. mikatee luv the azur. nice combination.
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    and everyone...

    thanks to all of u. i really love this forum. great to share with u guys
  8. Lovin' the MC wapity, we're twins! We have the same color combo. :smile:
  9. That's cool :tup:.

    Now I can start telling people that I actually have a twin. But he's currently living in Norway now :P
  10. This thread is continued here.
Thread Status:
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