Pics of Your LV in Action

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  1. Your shoes! :heart:

    Great new pics everyone! I love this thread so much!
  2. Who says you can't take your Louis to the farm???


  3. FIERCE SHOES! :heart::heart::heart:
  4. beautiful shot :tup: the colors are amazing ! :supacool:
  5. Relaxing at the mall with Damier Speedy 30 ;)



  6. ^You look fabulous! I love your top :smile:
  7. Thanks mikatee!
  8. Where are you located? That mall looks so familiar! Love your outfit btw.
  9. Mikatee - cute!

    SpeedyLover - not just cute speedy, but those SHOES are TDF!

    kcookejr - great action pic!

    Bag obsession - LOVE damier speedy!!!
  10. So puuuuurrdy!
  11. Really cool LV handbags.. look awesome
  12. Star15Rin: Those pics were taken at a mall in Illinois...Thanks! :smile:
    mimiloveslv: thanks! :smile:
    gre8dane: aww, Thanks :smile:
  13. Love the pic AbBy_C! Your Azur is TDF!! :tup:
  14. Bag_obsession, Rock it girl!! I just LVoe speedys (Damier is my fav!!)
  15. Pretty pic! I Love your bag :tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.