Pics of Your LV in Action

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  1. this could easily be part of the ad campaign!! amazing!
  2. One of the coolest action pics I've seen!
  3. Wow Abby, what a fantastic photo! Where is Teluk Chempedak? at Terengganu? Must visit there next time :smile:

  4. Awesome pic!
  5. armanigirl: Your Azur Speedy 25 is the cutest thing! You wear it well.
    VuittonloveI: You look hot with your Neverfull! And I like your earrings : )
  6. ok, this is officially my favourite pic of all times. abby, this is a stunning modeling picture...!!:tup:
  7. My Damier Azur Speedy, Mini Pochette Accesoires T&B, and Black Multicolore Bandeau all together!
    Triple threat ; )
    Basically, my whole collection :smile: !


  8. ^^^ Love the variety! You have great taste!(especailly for your age!! :yes:)
  9. love,love it:heart::heart::yahoo::drool:
  10. Thank you friend!:smile:

    Love all the azur ladys!!!:tup:
  11. AbBy_C^ Great angle of the picture, you modeled you bag really nice!

    mikatee^ Beautiful Damier
  12. After my sister's birthday dinner.. sorry for the red eye I'm too lazy to photoshop them..

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  13. Very nice!:tup:
  14. WOW, AbBy_c - You look marvelous with the pretty speedy.
  15. And Speedylover - Your Speedy patina is really nice. Is that a Speedy 40?

    Hopefully one day, I will have the courage to post of picture of myself with one of my Louis Vuitton. All you ladies & gentlemen you gorgeous.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.