Pics of Your LV in Action

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  1. i saw this thread in chanel and thought it might be nice to have it here in our lv forum as well. not sure if there's already a thread similar to this.
    here's my azur pochette in action - ready to go with me for a doctor's visit. looking forward to seeing pics of you and your lv in action!:yahoo:

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  2. Is this kind of like Visual Aids in the Reference Library forum...?
  3. I have seen this thread in the H & Chanel subforums and I love the pics posted. Glad to see it here in the LV subforum :yes:
  4. you know, maybe if there are enough participants, we can start a tPF LV photo group on flickr? what do you guys think? :nuts:
  5. Wow, Ichelle! I love the combo of the groom bandeau with the red Noe. It's fabulous!
  6. love the noe ichelle!

    Here's me with my pochette fleurs in my car :P

  7. ok guys, lets see if this flies. grab a free flickr photo account and you can post pics here too Flickr: tPF Post Your LVs Here!
    it'd be cool to see a collage of everyone's photos :smile:
  8. very cute guys...keep it coming!
  9. Makeupmama--LOVE your shawl!! Do you mind me asking what kind it is?!?! Looks so great with Azur!!
  10. thanks,couturegrl. it is actually a non-branded shawl i picked up from one of the stores here in hk. :yes: because i spend so much money on bags, i kinda have to stick to a more reasonable clothing budget.:P glad you like it, it's one of my favorite shawls.
  11. ^It looks stunning with the Azur!! :smile:
  12. I agree! and I am anti-posting-myself-in-visual-aids :P
  13. All of my action shots are in the visual aids thread lol.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.