Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action

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  1. [​IMG]
    at Universal Studios Florida, perfect crossbody
  2. Wearing my Alma BB since we keep having on and off rain:heart:
    Love it!
  3. Thank you. I did. It was to short for me. I like it much better now.
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  4. What a cool picture in front of the WWHP!! I want a yummy butterbeer now :smile:. Have fun.
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  5. I like your coat — it looks great with your beautiful Alma :smile:
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  6. Love your outfit! alma Looks great on you!
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  7. Alma bb looks great on you!
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  8. Thanks so much :heart::heart::heart:
    It is such a perfect bag for this weather,,yet so fun and elegant to wear when we went to dinner for my son's girlfriend's birthday:smile:
    I have two leopard coats that I LOVE to wear!
  9. Soooo jealous, you're at my happy place. Hope you're having a great time! Great idea making it a crossbody. Would love to see how you did the ties to make that work.
    Awesome look!
  10. Enjoying my multicolor luck it bracelet. Haven't worn this in a while.
  11. Is it the Twist MM ? Gorgeous !!! Could you please tell me what fits in it or take a pic of all what you put inside.
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  13. yes - it is the mm in hot pink
    thank you so much for your kind words
    was to lazy to switch wallets so the zippy came with me plus the iphone